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Music list

Because We have different DJ'S who work for us it would be impossible to list all the different music collections on our web site, so we have put a sample of the music all our DJ's must carry in a PDF document for you to download and browse, all Discomania DJ's must have all the music in the charts shown, they must all so have everything in the Top 40 charts and keep it updated on a daily basis. Discomania is on mailing lists with most major record labels and receive promos or pre release copies of songs that are not yet available to the general public but will no doubt be entering the charts in the next few months.

All our DJ's are passionate about music and keep up to date with the biggest artists of now who are releasing guaranteed dance floor fillers, Discomania DJ's are extremely knowledgeable about music of all genres, and also have their own areas of speciality but to be a Discomania DJ you have to be able to DJ to hugely diverse crowds with diverse tastes in music and be able to fill the dance floor or "Rock the dance floor" every time, this is where Discomania differ from other Mobile Disco companies, we are passionate about music,
DJ'-ing and parties.

As we will be updating these lists on a regular basis and as the site is in construction at the moment, the music shown is just a small fraction of what we have so if your particular music favorites are not listed it's probably because we just haven't put them on our site yet, so best to call us to check.

Download the music list here!

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